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Developing Multi-Channel Notifications with Elemental
Marking up notification emails with HTML out of the 1990s has always been an annoyance, but now notifications need to span across additional channels such as SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, mobile push, web push, etc.

For example, if you need to trigger a notification that includes a call-to-action for email, SMS, and Slack, that CTA needs to be an HTML button in email, a plain text link in SMS, and a Slack Block element. This typically is solved by either creating three separate templates or coding up some if/then statements, both of which get very cumbersome very quickly.

That is why we built Courier Elemental. Courier Elemental is a powerful, JSON-based syntax for describing the content of your notification for email, push, chat, or any channel you use to notify users. With Courier Elemental, you can customize the look, language, and structure of your notification based on locale, channel, and other more advanced custom logic.

In this live demo, Troy will be walking us through how to use these elements when calling the Courier API to quickly and easily create templates, whether you're just getting started or you have hundreds of variations to build.

See you there.
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